Don’t Ring That Bell, Unless….

In the culture of the Navy SEALs ringing the bell signals the end of things. In SEAL training the instructors carry around a large bell during evolutions for any trainee who Drops On Request(DOR). Ringing the bell three times means you quit. Last week a group of veterans rang a different bell with a very different meaning. Evan Haffer, a former Green Beret and co-founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company, rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), signaling not the end of things, but a new beginning as a publicly-traded company.

The ring reverberated across the military community. The BRCC IPO is a tale of two important economic stories. The first takeaway from Monday’s IPO seems to be a strong signal that there is a direct-to-consumer market for the Military Affinity Community- a loosely defined coalition of active duty armed forces, veterans, their families, and overall supporters of a military-centric ideological and cultural…

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