Bowls (Acai or fruit)

Paradise Bowl

Two of the most popular ingredients for fruit bowls are pitaya (otherwise known as dragon fruit), and acai, both tropical fruits that don’t grow here. That means nobody can really compete on whose is freshest. It’s all about the inventiveness with which they are combined with quality ingredients. Paradise Bowls wins again for their 11 different combinations that blend tropical and temperate climate produce with peanut butter, chocolate, coconut, almond milk, bee pollen, and other add-ins and toppings. It’s mixing raw natural flavors in the same way that a chef would approach the task, and the folks at Paradise Bowls are pros.  

Paradise Bowl

1246 Hermosa Ave.

Hermosa Beach

(310) 374-5284

919 Manhattan Ave.

Manhattan Beach

(310) 798-7100


Beach Bowls Acai Cafe

1622 S Pacific Coast Hwy.

Redondo Beach

(310) 792-2224

2370 Crenshaw Blvd.


(310) 328-8515


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