5:02 PM | Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Bella’s Shoppe Bakery & Coffee is celebrating its grand opening this week in Crystal. The store, located on Douglas Drive, serves up coffee, freshly-made pastries and ice cream.  

“I think we needed something different,” explained co-owner Jimmy Frutos. “I’ve been around here a few times and it gives a lot of space to sit down and relax, have a drink. Have a treat. That’s where the idea came from.”


Bella’s Shoppe Bakery & Coffee, 3549 Douglas Dr. N. Crystal

The store is located next door to Milton’s.

Frutos, who is one of four owners, says the opening was delayed several months due to the pandemic and supply-chain issues. They have had a soft-opening the past several weeks and customers are excited for the new business.

“I like their danishes and their croissants are good. I like their lattes and how their coffee tastes and all the flavor,” said customer Lydia Niemann.

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