TEXARKANA, Ark. — Michael Perry is in the process of opening Alley Cats Coffee Shop may be Michael Perry’s brainchild, but it’s very much a community effort.

With various input and labor from the community, Perry soon will offer what he said is a unique experience for coffee lovers in downtown Texarkana. He hopes to set the example for hard work and diligence can do for success.

Perry’s first business venture involved opening a “raggedy” lemonade stand as a young child, one year serving the ice cold beverage in glasses he had to clean between uses.

“That was the most money I ever made selling lemonade,” he said.

He was selling atmosphere even then, commencing a long string of a variety of odd and end jobs, from framing to selling cars before he ended up serving at Verona’s, where he still works when he isn’t found putting in a little blood, sweat, and tears at the coffee shop.

After having what Perry described as an “awesome cup of coffee” one year, he knew then that was the way…

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