Luxuriating over a cup of good coffee is a tried and true New York pastime. And while many coffee shops shifted to a grab-and-go model during the pandemic—if they could even keep the doors open at all—a new West Village coffee shop is returning to the sit and sip tradition.

El Condor Coffee Roasters, which just opened at 95 Greenwich Avenue, aims to flip the traditional coffee shop model for both guests and employees. By centering around the stay-and-play experience, guests can enjoy table service and open tabs, power outlets at every seat and complimentary high-speed WiFi. Flexible seating options, a full food menu, plus beer and wine make this space truly an all-day experience.

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El Condor serves its own roasts, created in partnership with Jacob Ibarra of Tenfold Coffee in Houston, Texas. Beans are sourced from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Brazil and Guatemala, plus special Geisha beans from Panama. All roasting…

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