The Braun Company knows that things happen, especially to their carafe’s, people get in a hurry in the mornings and swing around to put the coffee pot back in the coffee maker and miss, shattering the pot into a thousand little pieces; or the knock it on the counters edge sending a menacing crack up the side of the coffee pot.

In addition to coffee maker carafe’s, Braun coffee maker parts are available for the filter baskets which could be damaged in the dishwasher or the odd accident in which a dog might be tall enough or big enough to reach it on the counter and begin chewing on it.

Braun coffee maker parts has you covered with replacement parts for several of their most popular brands, some older, some newer, all from the quality one would expect of Braun.

Braun 7050581

This is the Impressions Replacement Carafe which includes the lid – something many companies have people purchase separately. It is crafted out of a heavy-duty matte stainless steel material so an additional breakage is pretty much impossible. This coffee pot features the new ‘unique open anti-slip handle’ its handle is up and away from the pot so a person’s hand stays protected from the hot pot and is made of a rubberized material for non-slip gripping.

Braun KFK12FL / 3113796

A scratch resistant carafe, this 12 cup Braun coffee maker replacement parts are designed with an attached handle, which means the handle attaches at the top and the bottom for better handling and control when pouring. The handle comes in two colors, black or gray and the carafe includes the lid.

Braun KFK500 3104706 / 3104707

Traditional Braun coffee maker replacement parts for the 10 cup Aroma Deluxe Coffee Maker which is a scratch resistant carafe and is available in with black or white accents. This replacement coffee maker part comes with a lid and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. This coffee carafe has the new ‘unique open anti-slip handle’ which means the handle is built up and away from the carafe so the person holding it stays protected from the hot glass, in addition the handle is made of a rubberized material for a non-slip grip.

Braun 7050289 / 7050288 / 7050290

These are the replacement filter baskets for the Braun Aroma Deluxe Coffee Maker which fits several Braun makes and models of the popular coffee making machine. This heavy-duty filter basket comes in black with silver trim; silver with black trim and white with silver trim.

Braun 7050580

This parts for Impressions and is a stainless steel filter basket with black trim. It is made of a combination of heavy-duty materials and built to last.

Braun 4076631 / 4076632

These are replacement plastic coffee carafe lids for the Braun AeroMaster 10/12 cup. Each replacement lid has a generous opening on the top and the side for both accepting the coffees dip and for pouring the coffee into your favorite mug.

Source by Kermit Cousins